IdahoSTARS Goals

IdahoSTARS 2014-2019 Goals

  1. Conduct a community outreach and education campaign that results in statewide public and private demand for quality child care in Idaho.
  2. Increase participation of children from low-income families in high quality child care by creating sustainable incentive strategies for providers and monitoring systems to track ICCP children in quality care.
  3. Increase participation of child care providers across the state in IdahoSTARS Professional Development System (PDS).
  4. To ensure on-going quality improvement and communication on outcomes, create an on-line integrated system to efficiently collect, store, and retrieve information on all aspects of IdahoSTARS programs.
  5. Training opportunities across the state will: a). target essential skills for child care providers, b). be accessible in multiple formats, and c). be evaluated for effectiveness and quality.
  6. Develop and implement an on-going research/evaluation plan to assess critical aspects of the IdahoSTARS program and to disseminate information that is statewide and nationally relevant.
  7. Improve child care supports and services for children with diverse abilities.
  8. To remain current and knowledgeable about evidenced-based practices across topics related to care and education for children, implement a professional development plan for all IdahoSTARS staff.