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You may have completed ECE related credits without knowing it! 

For example, “Intro to Sociology” and “Intro to Psychology” courses are considered ECE.
When your education is verified, we can give you credit for your accomplishment by recognizing you on the education pathway.

  • Your PDS Anniversary Recognition amount is based on your level on the education pathway.

Why are we interested in your education?
Understanding the education level of our workforce helps IdahoSTARS advocate for more investments in educational support and incentives.

We made it simple!
Log into RISE, go to “My Documents” and choose “Diploma” or “Transcript Evaluation”, then upload your document(s).

  • Official transcripts are not required! If it shows your name, the University’s name, the course number/title/date completed/credits earned, we can evaluate it!

Even better news…
All your information in RISE stays with you! It is a safe place to store a copy of your academic record and could come in handy when looking for new employment.

  • In RISE, your education, Pediatric First Aid/CPR, Child Care Worker License, and training history all live in one place.

No ECE Education? No problem!
IdahoSTARS offers the following scholarships to eligible PDS Participants:
• CDA Assessment/Renewal Scholarships
• Single Course Scholarships
• Academic Degree Scholarships
• GED Testing Reimbursement Scholarship
• Training Scholarships/Reimbursement

*A winner will be chosen at random from the approved Diplomas and Transcripts uploaded into RISE between June 1st - June 30th