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IdahoSTARS has kicked off a new project to showcase the accomplishments of the highest quality child care facilities in the State of Idaho. Meet real-life examples of quality child care and celebrate their successes and see the possibilities for other child care providers reaching the same goals. 

Please join us in celebrating Becky Fritzsche, Owner and Director of Miss Becky’s Preschool & Childcare. Fritzsche has earned a Steps to Quality, Step 4 rating and is retiring!

In this question-and-answer series with Fritzsche from September 9, 2021, learn more about her experiences becoming recognized as a high-quality child care facility:

IdahoSTARS: What are you most proud of about your facility?

Fritzsche: I have been praying about responding and how. I am letting my license expire and downsizing… I have always wanted to be more than "just a babysitter" which I have done since I was 11 years old more than 55 years ago.

I would have to say I am most proud that we learn as a family not a facility. I was a director for many years and do much better caring for a smaller group. I love seeing the children being empowered as they leave for kindergarten reading simple books and maps.  As well as helping care for the garden including harvesting. 

IdahoSTARS: What are your future goals for your facility?

Fritzsche: My future goal is to retire when the 2 children I have enrolled now are in kindergarten.

IdahoSTARS: Can you describe your journey through the Steps to Quality program?

Fritzsche: I remember when I first intentionally started caring for children, it was almost impossible to find training that would fit into my schedule. Through perseverance I found some at the Harding Family Center where I met Lesley Schoch and Kathleen Miller Green.  They encouraged me to take some college classes towards a CDA. I was one of the participants in the original pilot program to help child care providers look at child care as a business... Kathleen Miller Green helped me get my first CDA. Tammy Quinn helped encourage me to get to the Step I am at now.  She knows how much I dislike paperwork but would just keep encouraging me to go for the next step. She would say "you already do _____ if you do ___ you will be at the next step.

IdahoSTARS: What attributes does someone need to be successful in reaching the higher steps of Steps to Quality? Knowing “success” is not only being measured by step advancement, in what ways other than a step rating have you measured your success in Steps to Quality?

Fritzsche: I measure my success by are my children happy and excelling? Are they more than kindergarten ready? Do they love learning and want to learn more?

IdahoSTARS: What challenges did you face to reaching the higher steps of Steps to Quality?

Fritzsche: The biggest challenges I have faced is doing more paperwork and time away from my hobbies to do that paperwork to show what we have been doing.

IdahoSTARS: How did you overcome those challenges?

Fritzsche: I overcome the challenges through prayer and with help from Jen Ross and again Tammy Quinn. They have always been big motivators… When child care resources had a lending library, I was able to enhance my program with the different teaching aides they provided.

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