Engage in Your Preferred Language

Being bilingual has lifelong benefits. Early care and education professionals who are bilingual and multilingual provide critical support to dual language learners in the classroom. At IdahoSTARS, we know how important it is to learn and engage in your preferred language.

Here are some of the ways that we provide support early care and education professionals in their preferred language:

  • RISE and all documents on RISE are available in English and Spanish. Use the language toggle at the top of your screen to switch back and forth.
  • Tell us about your preferred training language and which languages you speak in your RISE user profile. You can still take trainings in whatever language you like.
  • You can request an interpreter to support your learning when you register for a live, webinar or interpreted IdahoSTARS training (yellow diamond, purple square, or green triangle) on the training calendar.
  • Interpretation is available through the phone and in-person to support communication with IdahoSTARS.

Support Dual Language Learners

If you want to learn more about how to support dual language learners in your classroom, check out the online training ET 4: Dual Language Learners in the course catalog in RISE.

You can also contact your regional office and request coaching support in the form of a Targeted TA for working with Dual Language Learners.

Here are a few more resources to jump start your learning: