Developmental Screenings

Child care provider screening a child for developmental milestones.

What are Developmental Screenings?

Developmental screenings are brief tools (take 30 minutes or less to complete) that examine one or more areas of a child’s development. Results indicate whether a child is developing as expected, or if there is a cause for concern. If a concern is identified by a developmental screener, formal evaluation(s) are required to confirm and determine the extent of delay.

Developmental Screenings in Child Care Programs

How can developmental screening benefit my child care program?

Developmental screenings can assist child care providers with supporting children’s development and learning, identifying developmental concerns for individual children, and referring those children and families to the right services.

Can I provide developmental screenings in my child care program?

YES! Child care providers can be trained to use developmental screening tools. For more information, or onsite support with providing development screenings, contact your local Child Care Resource Center.

Baby playing with soft rings and trying to stack them on a tower.

Referring Families for Developmental Screenings

Infant Toddler Program can provide developmental screenings for children birth to five years of age. Families can complete developmental screenings online or by mail.

Local school districts offer developmental screening for children ages three and older. Contact your local school district for more information.

Developmental Screening Tools and Resources

Cover and Resources page of IdahoSTARS Developmental Screening brochure.

Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive!

FREE developmental screening tools and resources.

Idaho Infant Toddler Program

FREE Developmental Screening and early intervention services for children ages birth to three.

Developmental ScreeningsPDF

FREE IdahoSTARS Developmental Screening Guide for Idaho Child Care Providers.

Learn the Signs. Act Early

FREE tools for tracking development.

School Districts

FREE developmental screenings and early childhood special education services for children ages three and older.

Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns

FREE 1-hour IdahoSTARS approved training. Completion qualifies for an IdahoSTARS Training Certificate. (Trainings from Other Sources — Other Trainings)