IdahoSTARS Trainer Resources

teacher with two students sitting at a table.

IdahoSTARS Trainers

Trainers are an essential part of the IdahoSTARS mission to improve the quality of child care in Idaho.

Trainers offer child care providers:

  • Increased awareness of current topics in the Early Care and Education field.
  • Practical tools and skills to use the next day in their work with the children and families.

Trainers offer IdahoSTARS:

  • Current, professional, quality training for child care providers.
  • Training based on their experience and education.

Training Development

Development of Trainings

When developing training, you should:

  • Understand the adult learner.
  • Include modifications of the training materials and content to support children with developmental delays and disabilities.
  • Include the three types of learning styles: auditory, kinesthetic, and visual.
  • Reflect best practices, using resources developed within the last 5 years.
  • Review and know the Early Care and Education DomainsPDF .
  • Review and know the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines. The eGuidelines are designed to assist in guiding children’s development and learning. Note: Trainers need to mention the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines during each training opportunity they conduct.
Cover page of the IdahoSTARS Early Care and Education Domains.