Improve Your Knowledge and Child Care Practice

IdahoSTARS offers many opportunities to expand your knowledge and improve your quality child care practice.  Our training catalog offers multiple ways to take trainings: webinars, live training, online training, and outside companies that offer training and events.

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Quality Domains and Early Learning Guidelines

Trainings are categorized by the domains of child development to help you explore what areas interest you. Review the IdahoSTARS Quality Domains and Subcategories for more information (PDF).

IdahoSTARS trainings are grounded in the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines. The eGuidelines help early childhood educators identify the developmental and learning outcomes and goals that children should achieve during early years.

Online Trainings

IdahoSTARS online trainings are created or approved by IdahoSTARS. Take a training when it’s convenient for you from your laptop or computer.

Live Trainings and Webinars

Live trainings are offered in person at locations around the state. Often, we offer popular live trainings as webinars so you can enjoy interacting with an instructor right from your own home or business.

Log into RISE and check the IdahoSTARS training calendar to see a complete list of upcoming live and webinar offerings.

Companies and Events

IdahoSTARS works with companies and organizations to provide high quality professional development through training on their websites, webinars or live events. You can find out more by visiting our training catalog or the company or organization’s website. To receive training hours for these activities, be sure to submit your certificate on RISE.

Targeted Technical Assistance

Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA) is a three-step professional development process offered through our regional offices. The first step is knowledge acquisition, the second step is hands-on learning through skills practice and the third step is evaluation.

To see a list of current TTAs, look in the RISE training catalog. To learn more, please reach out to your regional office.  

Language Supports and Special Assistance

IdahoSTARS offers live, webinar and online training in both English and Spanish. You can filter by language preference in the training catalog. You can also request an interpreter for any IdahoSTARS live or webinar training.

To learn more about language supports, visit the Language Supports page. If you need visual, hearing or mobility assistance, you can let us know during registration and we will accommodate your needs.