Recognition and Cash Incentives

Professional development training class.

Under the Professional Development System (PDS), child care providers and/or directors/owners can be eligible for incentives.

Anniversary Incentive Form

You can apply for incentives once you are a part of the PDS Registry and have completed 15 hours of IdahoSTARS approved training or 1 college semester credit towards Early Childhood Education within 12 months from your registration date. After your first 12 month anniversary, and each anniversary thereafter, you are eligible to apply for an anniversary incentive. Once you are approved for an incentive you will receive a check in the mail.

Eligibility Requirements

Steps to Complete the Anniversary/Pathway Level Move

Step 1: Check Eligibility

  • IMPORTANT: Check your IdahoSTARS Training Log to ensure all training hours are included on the log. If any training hours are not reported on the training log work with the Training Office to ensure the log is complete.
  • If a distance learning certificate from CARE Course, Child Care Education Institute (CCEI), Smart Horizons, or Child Care Resource’s Child CareTraining has not been submitted to the Training Office for entry, please submit a copy of the certificate to the Training Office.
  • If an IdahoSTARS approved training is missing, make sure you have completed the Reflective Evaluation for the training. Contact the IdahoSTARS Training Office with any other questions.

Step 2: Fill Out and Attach

  • Download the Application PDF
  • All training and college credits are date sensitive. If you have completed more hours/credits than the minimum, you must submit all of the hours/credits completed in the 12 month period with the request.
  • Duplicate training will not be accepted.
  • Fill out the Anniversary/Pathway Level Move/Essential Training Award Application. Child care providers Only - As the Child Care Provider your Supervisor/Director must review your application, then fill out and sign Section D of the form.
  • *All training hours must appear on your training log.

Step 3: Mail

Mail the form and all required documents to:

IdahoSTARS Registry Office
4355 W. Emerald Street, Suite 250
Boise, Idaho 83706
Fax: 208-345-6569


  • You may submit your Anniversary Application at any time during your Anniversary cycle.
  • Requests must be postmarked no later than the last day of the month of your Anniversary. For example, if the date you first entered the PDS Registry was March 27th (see the date on your Initial Acceptance Letter), you would have until March 31st to mail your Anniversary/Career Pathway Level Move Award Application and required documents to the Registry Office.
IdahoSTARS Professional Development Anniversary Level Move eligibility requirements.