Approved IdahoSTARS Trainings

IdahoSTARS strives to improve child care in Idaho; child care providers and directors/owners are some of our greatest allies and assets. The quality of care for Idaho’s children increases through professional development opportunities through training and education.

Attending IdahoSTARS approved training will help child care providers increase their knowledge of child development, improve their skills, and stay current in the field of Early Care and Education. IdahoSTARS has various opportunities to receive training hours: attend training events, and online training through approved agencies.

For your own development as a professional you may take any training that is of interest to you. However, IdahoSTARS will only offer training hours for an individual training title one time. Duplicate trainings will not receive training hours, nor will they be eligible for scholarships or incentives.

Contact the IdahoSTARS Training Office
Center on Disabilities and Human Development
University of Idaho
1187 Alturas Dr
Moscow, Idaho 83843-8331
Phone: 2-1-1 or 1-800-926-2588

Approved Companies


The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is a professional development package designed to support providers with mastery of best-practices in infant and toddler care.

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS Specialization Application Form.


The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is developed for child care providers who meet the following prerequisite.

  • Completed IdahoSTARS Essential Training Series 1 and 2 (ET 1 and ET 2)


In the first 18-24 months, you will become specialized in the content and practice. In the following years, you will focus on maintaining best-practices with continued support and evaluation/assessment from IdahoSTARS.

Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

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Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

The Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines are designed to assist in guiding children’s development and learning: View the full text of the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines.