Approved IdahoSTARS Trainings

Professional development training class.

IdahoSTARS approved training can support child care providers as they increase their knowledge across seven quality domains and stay current on best practices in the field of early care and education. A variety of training opportunities are provided through IdahoSTARS, including: live, online, facilitated trainings and training events. In addition to training developed and delivered by IdahoSTARS, and our network of approved trainers, IdahoSTARS provides training hours for a variety of trainings available through multiple early childhood companies and organizations. Log into RISE now and start searching for your next training.

For your own development as a professional you may take any training that is of interest to you. However, IdahoSTARS will only offer training hours for an individual training title one time. Duplicate trainings will not receive training hours, nor will they be eligible for scholarships or incentives.


Taking training is easier than ever in RISE!

Our new RISE training portal gives you access to hundreds of IdahoSTARS approved online and live trainings. We’ve worked hard to make the trainings more interactive and simplified the process with knowledge checks and evaluations built within the course. Once you complete a training it will appear on your RISE PDRecord!

You can easily access our Rise training portal two different ways:

  • Dashboard: View the training Calendar on your RISE dashboard to see live trainings and events. You can filter the calendar to see options in your city, region or even statewide.
  • Sidebar: To find both live and online trainings, select “Go to Training” on the left side menu bar in your RISE account. It will take you to our Course Catalog of approved IdahoSTARS trainings. Additionally, you can search through our IdahoSTARS Approved Companies list for additional training options.

NOTE: Please read these FAQ's for dealing with some common issues people have encountered while taking online trainings


The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is a professional development package designed to support providers with mastery of best-practices in infant and toddler care.

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS Specialization Application Form.


The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is developed for child care providers who meet the following prerequisite.

  • Completed IdahoSTARS Essential Training Series 1 and 2 (ET 1 and ET 2)


In the first 18-24 months, you will become specialized in the content and practice. In the following years, you will focus on maintaining best-practices with continued support and evaluation/assessment from IdahoSTARS.

Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

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Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

The Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines are designed to assist in guiding children’s development and learning: View the full text of the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines.