Approved IdahoSTARS Trainings

Professional development training class.

IdahoSTARS approved training can support child care providers as they increase their knowledge across seven quality domains and stay current on best practices in the field of early care and education. A variety of training opportunities are provided through IdahoSTARS, including: live, online, facilitated trainings and training events. In addition to training developed and delivered by IdahoSTARS, and our network of approved trainers, IdahoSTARS provides training hours for a variety of trainings available through multiple early childhood companies and organizations. Log into RISE now and start searching for your next training.

For your own development as a professional you may take any training that is of interest to you. However, IdahoSTARS will only offer training hours for an individual training title one time. Duplicate trainings will not receive training hours, nor will they be eligible for scholarships or incentives.



Through our RISE training portal, you can easily access hundreds of IdahoSTARS-approved online and live trainings to continually develop new skills as an early care and education professional.

Once you log into your RISE account, there are two ways you can search for training:

  • Dashboard: The calendar on your RISE dashboard automatically displays live trainings and events in your region. You can also filter the calendar to see options statewide or search for training by city, trainer’s name or training title.
  • Menu Bar: You can search for live and online trainings by selecting “Go to Training” in the menu bar on the left-hand side of your RISE homepage. It will take you to our catalog of approved IdahoSTARS Trainings, Companies, and Events.
    • IdahoSTARS Trainings are developed by approved trainers and IdahoSTARS staff.
      • You can register for live trainings through the calendar or the catalog. After you attend the training, you have 30 days to complete your training evaluation in RISE to receive training hours.
      • Online trainings are available to take through the RISE training catalog. An evaluation will appear at the end of the training. Once completed, you will receive training hours.
    • IdahoSTARS Approved Companies have gone through our approval process and are IACET or DEAC accredited. You can link to each company’s website from the RISE training catalog. You will receive your training hours after you submit a certificate of completion from the company through your RISE accountPDF .
    • IdahoSTARS Approved Events are live events or webinars approved for training hours. You can link to event registration pages from the calendar or the catalog. You will receive your training hours after you submit a certificate of completion from the company through your RISE accountPDF .

NOTE: Please read these FAQ's, or watch the video, for dealing with some common issues people have encountered while taking online trainings



The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is a professional development package designed to support providers with mastery of best-practices in infant and toddler care.

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS Specialization Application Form.


The IdahoSTARS Infant Toddler Specialization is developed for child care providers who meet the following prerequisite.

  • Completed IdahoSTARS Essential Training Series 1 and 2 (ET 1 and ET 2)


In the first 18-24 months, you will become specialized in the content and practice. In the following years, you will focus on maintaining best-practices with continued support and evaluation/assessment from IdahoSTARS.

Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines

The Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines are a great resource to help early care and education professionals:

  • Develop classroom schedules
  • Incorporate skill-based activities into the classroom
  • Plan for individualized child goals
  • Assist in observation and identify red flags in a child’s development
View the full text of the Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines.


Idaho Early Learning eGuidelines logo.

Did You Know?

Child care providers may request an interpreter for any live training opportunity approved by IdahoSTARS. When registering for a live training, just select your preferred training language. You can also request additional special assistance.

Child care providers may request a training in their region through the training catalogue. If you are interested in a training not currently offered in your area, select the “Request Training” button. The request will be emailed to the Training Office, which will try to accommodate as many requests as possible.

For more information on training, call the Training Office at 211 or 1-800-926-2588, or reach out by email at