Professional Development System (PDS)

The Professional Development System (PDS) is designed to increase your understanding and skills as a care provider and early educator. PDS is the gateway to access training and education about child care and early education.

Watching the PDS Online Orientation is required to enroll in the PDS Registry. Orientations are available to all child care providers, directors, and owners interested in joining the PDS Registry. Orientations offers information about:

PDS Enrollment

Opening screen of IdahoSTARS Professional Development System Online Orientation video.

Are you interested in participating in the Professional Development System (PDS)?

If your answer is yes, the first step is enrolling in the PDS Registry. If you are interested in joining the Professional Development System, you can begin the process by watching the video (below) and submitting the provider information form as requested at the end of the video.

You must watch the entire video to access the provider information form. This video is approximately 9 minutes and if you exit out of the video before finishing, you will need to begin again from the start.

Steps to complete the PDS enrollment process:

  1. PDS Online Orientation Video Video .
  2. Submit Provider Information Form (online, available immediately after the video).
  3. PDS Enrollment Packet will be sent within 2 business days from submitting your provider information form.
  4. Return completed PDS Enrollment Packet to the PDS Office