Professional Development System (PDS) Registry

Professional development training class.

The Professional Development System (PDS) offers opportunities to increase knowledge and skills in early childhood education. The PDS Registry recognizes the achievements of early childhood professionals. Participants may qualify for scholarships to support professional development.

Watch the PDS Orientation to learn about the Education Pathway, recognition and scholarships.

To join the PDS, log into RISE and upload your current pediatric first aid, pediatric CPR and child care worker’s license if required by your city. Then upload your most recent certification, transcript or diploma to be recognized on the IdahoSTARS Early Childhood Education Pathway.

If you work 15 or more hours a week directly with parents, children and staff, you may be eligible for scholarships and recognition. Use the button on your dashboard that says “Apply for Scholarships and Awards” to apply for these opportunities.

Early Childhood Care and Education Pathway

IdahoSTARS works to increase the qualifications of Idaho’s early care and education professionals. We offer scholarships, training and targeted technical assistance for professionals who want to earn credentials, credits or degrees in early childhood. Achievement in early childhood education is recognized on the Early Childhood Education Pathway.

Upload your most recent certification, transcript and/or diploma to be recognized on the IdahoSTARS Early Childhood Education Pathway.


PDS Recognition

IdahoSTARS Professional Development Recognition Award Options

PDS Recognition: You may apply for recognition when you complete 20 or more hours of professional development during your PDS Registry Cycle.* Professional development hours includes any combination of IdahoSTARS approved training, targeted technical assistance, or college credits related to Early Childhood Education (ECE).

You can track your progress on your RISE dashboard’s PDS Anniversary Training bar and view all your professional development activities on your Professional Development Record (PDRecord). When the PDS Anniversary Training bar on your dashboard is blue and states “0 hrs Remaining,” apply for recognition by going to “Scholarships and Awards” and choosing “PDS Registry Recognition.” Please note: Your pediatric first aid, pediatric CPR, child care worker license (if applicable in your city) and W-9 must be uploaded and approved before you can apply.

Professionals may apply for recognition once during their PDS Registry Cycle. The recognition amount is based on your level on the IdahoSTARS Early Childhood Care and Education Pathway.

*PDS Registry Cycle: Locate your PDS anniversary date by going to “My Profile” in RISE. The cycle starts on the first day of your PDS anniversary MONTH and ends on the last day of the month prior to your anniversary month. All professional development must be complete within the cycle. The deadline to apply for your PDS Recognition is the last day of your anniversary month.

  • PDS anniversary date: July 15
  • PDS anniversary month: July
  • Cycle: July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020
  • Deadline to complete Professional Development: June 30, 2020
  • Deadline to apply for PDS Recognition: July 31, 2020
  • Next cycle begins: July 1, 2020