Professional development training class.

Growing your professional development is an investment in yourself and Idaho’s children. We are here to help.

IdahoSTARS project scholarships are designed to increase your level of education, reduce turnover, and increase wages within the early childhood workforce.

The first step towards applying for scholarships is to enroll in the Professional Development System (PDS) Registry. Financial assistance is available for the scholarship categories listed on this page.

Academic Degree Scholarship

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS Academic Scholarship Application Form.

An Academic Scholarship is for those taking courses towards an early childhood development degree from any Idaho college/university or CDA Technical Certificate Assessment. The Academic Scholarship pays tuition for all courses needed for a Child Development Associate (CDA), Technical Certificate, Associate Degree, or Bachelor Degree in early childhood.

Academic Scholarships consist of a partnership between IdahoSTARS, the scholarship recipient, and the sponsoring child care center or home where the scholarship recipient works. Each party shares in the cost of the scholarship.

CDA Assessment/Renewal Scholarship

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS CDA Assessment / Renewal Scholarship Application Form.

The Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) Assessment/Renewal Scholarship is available for those providers who have completed an approved CDA course of study and are applying for their CDA Assessment or renewing their CDA Credential. Application materials and training associated with assessment/renewal are not covered by this scholarship.

College Coursework Scholarship

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS College Coursework Scholarship Application Form.

A single college course offered for college credit at an accredited Idaho state college or university. Course must be in early childhood education, related field, or used to increase quality practice. Scholarships cover tuition owed by the student. Scholarships do not cover enrollment fees, activity fees, parking or books, etc.

GED Testing Reimbursement Scholarship

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS GED Testing Reimbursement Scholarship Application Form.

The GED Testing Reimbursement Scholarship covers any of the five GED Subject Tests (Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies) offered at an official GED Testing site. Scholarships cover testing fees already paid by the student. Scholarships do not cover enrollment in GED practice tests or tutoring.

Training Scholarship

Cover sheet of IdahoSTARS Training Scholarship Application Form.

The Training Scholarship covers any IdahoSTARS approved trainings, workshops, or conferences in Early Care and Education Core Knowledge Components Ten Core Knowledge Components for Early Care and Education completed after initial enrollment in IdahoSTARS. **Note: The Training Scholarship deadline has increased to 3 business weeks before the date of the training.**

Approved trainings are listed online at the IdahoSTARS Training Calendar.