IdahoSTARS Resource Library Introduction

One woman helping another search for resources in a library.

Welcome to the IdahoSTARS resource database. A new and improved way to quickly access resources from IdahoSTARS. Use the features below to locate documents, PowerPoints, handouts, and more for all your professional and quality improvement needs. You can search and sort by titles, languages, dates of documents, or by specific programs.

The easiest way to get started with the new Resources page is to simply search for something. As you type in the Search box you will notice the database begins to sort immediately. Notice you can sort the columns by Title, Language, Type, Program, or Date by clicking on that column. Once you have found the resource you are looking for, simply click Download to access the resource you were searching for.

La manera más sencilla de utilizar la página de recursos es recurriendo a la barra de búsqueda. A medida que escribes en la barra de búsqueda, notaras que la base de datos comienza a clasificar recursos de inmediato. Presta atención a como ésta clasifica recursos por título, lenguaje, programa, o fecha. Una vez hayas encontrado el recurso de interés, simplemente selecciona “descargar” para tener acceso al mismo.

Resource Library