About IdahoSTARS

IdahoSTARS "Quality Child Care Matters"

IdahoSTARS empowers parents and providers to make safe and educational child care and early education a top priority. IdahoSTARS ensures that child care providers have access to current standards and resources to offer the best care possible and helps build revenue for child care businesses by offering incentives and grant opportunities to STAR-rated providers. IdahoSTARS is the leading expert and referral source for quality care and education in Idaho.

IdahoSTARS is a voluntary program that provides training in child development, education, health, and safety and assessment of child care facilities based on national quality standards. Our goal is to ensure that Idaho’s children have access to the highest quality child care and early education. We do this by delivering a statewide Child Care Resource and Referral system that educates and supports parents and child care providers and provides a consistent structure that supports and promotes quality, inclusive child care and early education, and professional development.

IdahoSTARS is a joint project between the University of Idaho's Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD) and the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (Idaho AEYC). The project is funded by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) through the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG).

For Parents, IdahoSTARS

  • Offers peace of mind that your child is under the highest standard of care available
  • Gives parents an greater sense of security by offering smart, quality child care options
  • Makes choosing safe, educational child care simple and efficient
  • Ensures that the best child care is affordable and obtainable for all families