IdahoSTARS Strategic Plan

The IdahoSTARS Strategic Plan is a product of the May 19-21, 2008 IdahoSTARS retreat. The strategic plan includes the work and thinking of the 33 IdahoSTARS staff members and other stakeholders. We review goals once a year to track progress towards meeting the goals.

Strategic Plan Goals

  1. Parents are knowledgeable about quality child care; they request and choose it.
  2. A statewide database, which is both comprehensive and integrated, exists and is accessible to multiple users.
  3. Statewide networks meet the needs of child care providers.
    1. The statewide network of IdahoSTARS approved trainers meets the training needs and requests of child care providers.
    2. The statewide network of IdahoSTARS approved assessors meets the assessment needs and requests of child care providers.
    3. The statewide network of IdahoSTARS approved mentor/coaches meets the mentor/coaching needs of child care providers.
  4. A comprehensive orientation exists for potential child care providers.
  5. A statewide Quality Rating & Improvement System (QRIS) supports maintenance of and/or improvement of quality in child care facilities over time.
  6. A public awareness campaign promotes IdahoSTARS.
  7. Child care providers receive support to provide inclusive care for children with disabilities and special health care needs.
  8. All staff members are well paid, trained, supported and involved and informed about operational activities.
  9. An effective Capitol Campaign exists.
  10. The IdahoSTARS Project materials and procedures are inclusive and culturally competent.
  11. IdahoSTARS utilizes data from the project for research to promote quality child care.
  12. Enough ICCP eligible providers exist to meet the child care needs of parents. Registered ICCP providers’ eligibility is tracked to ensure that providers maintain their current eligibility requirements.
  13. Stakeholders collaborate to demand best practices for early child care and education.