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Just as an experienced guide leads adventurers through uncharted territories, a coach in IdahoSTARS is your compass, navigating the seas of professional growth and development.  Picture this journey as a three-step cycle, each phase seamlessly blending into the next to create a continuous loop of improvement and learning.  

Your coach will help you set goals, observe your progress, and give you feedback while you reflect on your progress.   

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What must you pack on this journey?  

·    A trusting relationship   

·    An open mind   

·    Solution-focused thinking  

·    The ability to self-reflect  

·    A growth mindset transforming “aha” moments into action  

·    Goal writing/setting tools for accountability   

·    The ability to have fun and celebrate successes   


Why might you want to take this journey?  

·    The opportunity to develop relationships  

·    Support in the form of resources, knowledge, and accountability  

·    Networking  

·    Increased confidence as you meet your goals  

·    Hands on experiences that extend typical professional development  

·    A better understanding of the coaching process enabling you to coach peers  

·    Better outcomes for children  


If you want more information about the coaching journey, you can watch a brief trailer here: 


You can also watch more in-depth trainings about the coaching process on RISE:  

·    Modules 1 & 2: Introduction to Practice-Based Coaching and Collaborative Coaching Partnerships   

·    Module 3: Shared Goals and Action Planning   

·    Modules 4, 5 & 6: Focused Observation, Reflection & Feedback, & Application   


With the coaching cycle as your compass and your coach by your side, may your teaching path be studded with gems of innovation, discovery, and joy. Onward to endless coaching adventures!