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El juego al aire libre es recomendado para l@s niñ@s. En general, a l@s niñ@s no se les tiene que enseñar a jugar, solo necesitan tener la oportunidad de jugar. ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de jugar al aire libre? Aquí hay algunos...

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Outdoor play is recommended for children. In general, children don’t have to be taught to play, they just need the opportunity to play.  What are the benefits of outdoor play? Here are a few...

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Esta subvención apoya a l@s proveedores que se esfuerzan por cumplir con los estándares de sueño seguro. Los programas interesados en solicitar la subvención deben llamar al 211 y pedir hablar con el o la consultor@ de salud de su región o iniciar sesión en RISE y dar clic en "Solicitar una orientación de la subvención".

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This grant supports providers who are striving to meet safe sleep standards.

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We all know life looks very different during a pandemic and changes what our day-to-day routines are within a child care center/program. What were best practices before may be a bit different during a pandemic. IdahoSTARS encourages ALL child care providers to follow CDC guidance on how to reduce risk within your programs and prevent transmission.

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The Center on Disabilities and Human Development has developed a great resource for young families dealing with the stress of the pandemic, the Act Early Idaho COVID-19 Resiliency Toolkit. There are multiple resources for both parents and children on everything from child development to stress management.

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As of January 12th, Child Care Providers have been moved up to be included among essential workers that are eligible to receive a COVID-19 Vaccine. Find out more about how to register yourself and/or your staff!


Using real-world examples from classrooms in Idaho and incorporating lessons learned from currently practicing teachers we will share a toolkit for supporting high-quality outdoor classrooms.

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Celebrating holidays in early childhood programs can bring joy to children, staff and families and can strengthen relationships between programs and the families they serve, but it can also be an unintentional way of excluding some families. We want to encourage children to see how they are the same and different from their peers. One way to begin this process might be to introduce books about different holidays celebrated around the world during these winter months.