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Storytelling supports children's language and literacy skills, social and emotional development, creativity and its fundamentally human nature. We tell stories to share information, impart wisdom and keep loved ones informed about our days. Early Childhood Educators can take advantage of children’s love of hearing stories and a desire to tell stories and use storytelling to promote children’s cognitive and literacy development.

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IdahoSTARS badges recognize your expertise in early childhood education. Earn points through certification, training, Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA), employment history, and/or coaching cycles. Application is open from October 1st, 2022 until June 15th, 2023.

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Muchos niños necesitan estructura en su día, y necesitan algunas reglas a seguir. Cuando el juego es simplemente un "gratis para todos" sin rutinas o pautas para que los niños las sigan, a menudo se angustian y actúan mal. Cuando llegan a este punto, las consecuencias para ambos pueden ser bastante terribles.

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Many children need structure in their day, and need some rules to follow. When play is simply a “free for all” without routines or guidelines for children to follow, they often times become distressed and act out. When they reach this point, the consequences for both caregiver and child can be terrible.

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Applications for FALL higher education grants are open NOW!

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The uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged early childhood programs and schools to transform the ways that they connect with, teach, and support children and families. Children experience stress and can often exhibit challenging behavior as a result. Learn how to support child experiencing stress.

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Reimbursement Grants are available for Idaho residents taking a single ECE class or pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education either full or part time at an accredited institution of higher education during the 2022-2023 academic year.

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Mientras que la necesidad primaria de conexiones sociales de un bebé se satisface a través del vínculo y la conexión con los/las cuidadores/as primarios/as. L@s niñ@s pequeñ@s también empiezan a crear relaciones sociales fuera de sus familias interactuando con otros niños de su edad, lo que ayuda a l@s niñ@s a madurar en su capacidad de relacionarse socialmente.

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We know that children need people who care about them, listen, and that they can turn to for advice and help. Learn about the Protective and Promotive Factors that support children in creating strong social connections!