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The Pyramid Model is a framework that supports the social, emotional, and behavioral competence of all children in early care and education settings across Idaho (local school districts, Head Start Programs, and community early childhood education programs).

The Idaho Pyramid Collaborative brings together dedicated early childhood professionals who are passionate about creating supporting environments for children’s social and emotional well-being.  This collaboration aims to provide a platform for networking, professional development, and sharing best practices among educators and caregivers.

The benefits of joining:

  1.  Access to evidence-based practices for promoting social-emotional development.
  2. Networking opportunities.
  3. Professional Development.
  4. Resources and Tools to enhance the quality of early childhood programs.
  5. Ongoing support and collaboration to implement the Pyramid Model effectively with training, coaching, and technical assistance.

Application Process:

To apply, please submit the following:

  1. Attend a Pyramid Model Introduction Session:  March 12, 2024, 5:30 PT/6:30 MT
    1. To register:
  2. Submit a completed application:

Important Dates

Application Period:  February 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024

Notification of Acceptance:  May 31, 2024

Launch Event and Orientation:  June 4, 2023, 5:30 PM PT/ 6:30 PM MT

Limited Space

Please note that space in the Idaho Pyramid Model Collaborative is limited.  Due to the high level of interest anticipated, we encourage early submission of applications.

For inquiries or further information, please contact Kim Brooks at or check out our website Idaho Training Clearinghouse > Topics > N-Z > Pyramid Collaborative (

Join us in creating a positive impact on the lives of young children through the Idaho Pyramid Collaborative.  Together, we can build a strong foundation for their social and emotional development.