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IdahoSTARS Badges are Back!


Earn IdahoSTARS Badges in 8 Early Childhood Education (ECE) specialty areas and receive a certificate and a $100 financial recognition (for up to two badges).

What are IdahoSTARS Badges?

Badges are a recognition of completed professional development that consists of both LEARNING (gaining knowledge of early learning content) and DOING (putting this knowledge into action). These badges follow national trends for increasing quality practices and will support the work of early care and education programs in Idaho. Each badge represents expertise in a domain or specialized area of early childhood development and care.

Why does IdahoSTARS have a Badge program?

We want IdahoSTARS Badges to provide access to professional development recognition for everyone in the ECE field in all the different ways that you choose to continue learning, improving your practice and providing consistent care. We know that you are professionals dedicated to continuous quality improvement and doing the best for children and families in Idaho. Continued training and improvement in quality practices is always worth celebrating!

How do I earn a Badge?

Each badge is awarded by earning a combination of at least 10 points through approved activities that are outlined in detail in our BADGE GUIDE. Point-earning activities include certifications, training, Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA), employment history, and/or coaching cycles. Child care professionals can earn as many of the eight badges as they choose, but each badge may be earned only once. If you earned a particular badge last year, it won’t be awarded again. To learn more about each individual badge and how to earn points, please refer to our updated BADGE GUIDE or find it in RISE Help under the PDS (Professional Development System) tile.

In which Early Childhood Education specialty areas can I earn a badge?

IdahoSTARS offers eight badges:

  • Business Practices Badge
  • Child Development Badge
  • Environments, Curriculum & Instruction Badge
  • Pyramid Model Badge
  • Health, Safety & Wellness Badge
  • Inclusion & Diversity Badge
  • Montessori Badge
  • Partnerships with Families & Communities Badge

How is a Badge recognized?

Upon completion of required activities and an approved application, Badges are recognized by a certificate and will appear on Professional Development Records (PDR) in RISE. Additionally, providers who are eligible for incentives and have a verified PDS Level 1 or above, a $100 recognition will be awarded for up to two badges.

Why is the financial recognition a different amount this year?

The $100 per Badge recognition is a reduced amount from the last two years. Badges were previously funded by federal supplemental pandemic relief funds for child care and those funds are no longer available. The IdahoSTARS project team felt strongly that we wanted to be able to continue financial compensation for the those completing Badges. Without the federal dollars, IdahoSTARS knew that this would be difficult, however, our team managed to fit the recognition dollars into the IdahoSTARS budget at a reduced amount. We know that this financial recognition is important to you.

Am I eligible?

Any provider that has a profile in RISE and is a Level 1 or higher is eligible to apply. If your Professional Development System (PDS) level is "Level 1 unverified," upload proof of your highest education level in RISE. If you don’t have your diploma, contact for an exemption form.

How do I apply?

Once you have completed all activities and ensured you are eligible to apply according to what is outlined in our BADGE GUIDE, click on the link below to submit an application:

Questions? Look at the FAQ page at the end of the BADGE GUIDE or call 2-1-1 and ask for the IdahoSTARS training office or email