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Child care provider helping a young child attach pieces together.

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health

May is Mental Health Month! Infant mental health refers to how well a child develops socially and emotionally from birth to age 3. Understanding infant mental health is the key to preventing and treating the mental health problems of very young children and their families. It also helps guide the development of healthy social and emotional behaviors.



Positive Feedback and Encouragement Starters for Young Children

  • "You do a dynamite job of ..."
  • "You have really learned how to ..."
  • "You must feel proud of yourself for ..."
  • "Excellent idea for ..."
  • "You've done a wonderful job at ..."
  • "You've really improved at ..."
  • "That's a cool way to  ..."
  • "I'm so appreciative that you ..."
  • "You've really grown because you ..."
  • "You are a real problem solver for ..."


Idaho Resources

You can locate mental health services through the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. Your regional Child Care Resource Center can also offer support for the children and families in your program - call 211 to connect!