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Why do I have to complete an evaluation? 

  • Evaluations are required by the entities that fund our training. Without their resources and support, we would not be able to provide training and training scholarships. Data from the evaluations is valuable in measuring the success of our programs.
  • Your input is needed as we plan future training opportunities. The trainers and training topics that receive high marks are likely to be offered again.

When is the evaluation available?

The evaluation is available the day of the training. Go to your RISE dashboard and click the “My Registrations & Evaluations” button right above the training calendar. You will see evaluations listed there. We recommend taking the evaluation as soon as the training is over. The training will appear on your Professional Development Record after you submit your evaluation and the trainer has verified your attendance.

Why do evaluations expire in 30 days? 

  • Our evaluations have a time limit because data becomes less relevant the longer someone waits to provide feedback. Previously, people would sometimes wait up to a year to fill out an evaluation.
  • Additionally, we want your training hours to appear on your Professional Development Record as quickly as possible.

How does IdahoSTARS notify people about evaluations?

We don’t typically send out emails about outstanding evaluations. It’s not part of our process. We’ve found that emails that do get through to providers only have about a 30% open rate, and sometimes they end up in spam folders. Because of this, we’ve looked at other methods to educate people on our evaluation process. On occasion, as a courtesy, a staff member may notice that someone’s evaluation is going to expire and reach out to them. It’s not our normal practice. 

  • In the RISE training portal, the description for every live training begins with the following message: “TO RECEIVE TRAINING HOURS FOR THIS TRAINING, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE EVALUATION WITHIN 30 DAYS OF THE COMPLETION OF THE TRAINING. After the training has ended, the evaluation can be found under My Registrations & Evaluations on the RISE dashboard.”
  • In each of our live trainings, our trainers will explain the evaluation process.
  • If you have not completed your evaluation 15 days after your training, you will receive a RISE alert as a reminder. The alert will be repeated 7 days from expiration and 1 day from expiration. You can find alerts in the upper righthand corner of your RISE dashboard.

We closely monitor response rates to see if people understand the process. We are happy to see that most of our evaluations are completed successfully. Since July 1, training evaluations have been completed 87% of the time.

What if my evaluation expired?

If your evaluation has expired, you can retake the training. Look on the training calendar or in the course catalog in RISE or reach out to the trainer to see when the course might be offered again.

Unfortunately, you cannot receive a training scholarship for the same training a second time. Any fees associated with the course cannot be paid by IdahoSTARS.