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Finding the right Pediatric First Aid/Pediatric CPR Course:

  • Must be an in-person course with a certified instructor or a hybrid course (online with an in-person skills test).
  • Certificate of course completion must include your name, the name of the instructor/organization issuing certification, the course completion date, the course expiration date, and the course title. If you took a hybrid course, please include verification that both the in-person portion and the skills test were completed.
  • Must specify Pediatric (or “infant,” “child,” “toddler”) for BOTH First Aid and CPR.

Please note:

    • “Standard First Aid” courses do not meet the requirements for Pediatric First Aid
    • “Basic Life Support (BLS)” courses may meet requirements for Pediatric CPR but do not include Pediatric First Aid.

Before your course:

  • Verify with the instructor that the course includes Pediatric CPR and Pediatric First Aid and has a hands-on in-person skills test.  
  • Verify the certificate you will receive upon completion states Pediatric/Infant/Child/or Toddler for both First Aid and CPR.

After your course:

  1. Upload a copy of your certificate into RISE under My Documents on My Profile.
  2. Click Submit Documents for Approval and choose Upload a Document.
  3. Under Document Type, choose “Pediatric CPR & Pediatric CPR” or “Pediatric First Aid” and “Pediatric CPR” separately if needed.
  4. Fill out all relevant information.
  5. Make sure to upload both sides of your certificate in one submission.



Questions? Email or reach out to your regional office.