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Recently, we’ve been contacted by program administrators who want to manage staff member's RISE accounts and professional activity. This has resulted in our customers being surprised by training registration, scholarship status and evaluation protocols. To protect each person’s information and to empower all people in their professional practice, we ask for administrator's support in helping staff manage their own RISE accounts. Although any RISE user can give away their user login and password, we strongly advise against sharing that sensitive information. 


Here’s why:


1. Giving away a log-in and password allows another person to:

  • change personal information such as address, phone number and name
  • apply scholarships and awards
  • see all information on the Professional Development Record

2. Information in RISE is specific to each customer’s identity. It includes birthdate, contact information, wage data, W-9 data and employment history.


3. Successfully learning to use RISE empowers professionals to learn other technical skills, giving them confidence and knowledge to meet other challenges.


4. Many child care professionals will change employment over the course of their career. It’s important that they not become dependent on a supervisor who may not always be there as a resource. 


5. It’s important for child care professionals to know how to navigate the RISE training portal so they can complete training for licensing, ICCP, PDS and quality improvement on their own. 


6. Online evaluations are required to receive hours for completed training. A child care professional must know how to navigate RISE to do this successfully. Evaluations must be completed by the person who took the course, not someone else.


On rare occasions, we realize that a child care provider may want an interpreter, family member or supervisor to have access to their RISE account. Any request to include others should come directly from the child care professional. We will still be directing all communication to the child care professional.


We strive to make it easy for everyone to use RISE. A child care professional can reach out to us for help by calling 211 Monday to Friday during normal business hours. We can be reached via email at even on evenings and weekends.