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Beginning in January faculty from Boise State’s Department of Early and Special Education, in partnership with Idaho STEM Action Center’s Early STEM Initiative, will host a series of nine workshops focused on STEM in the Outdoor Classroom through the Idaho STARS RISE system. Using real-world examples from classrooms in Idaho and incorporating lessons learned from currently practicing teachers we will share a toolkit for supporting high-quality outdoor classrooms.

Each workshop will include a 30-minute webinar with a 1 hour follow up activity. Ten days later we will come together in a virtual coffee hour to discuss your activity, offer support, answer questions, and problem solve.

Our learning around Early STEM education will be grounded in several principles:

  • Child and Teacher Inquiry
  • Schema Theory
  • David Sobel’s 7 Children and Nature Design Principles

Questions? Reach out to: Erin Tanzer ( or Nichole Moos ( )

Webinar Release Date

Coffee Hour Date (@9:00 AM)


Jan 13

Jan 23

Intro to Early STEM & Outdoor Learning

Feb 17

Feb 27

STEM & Adventure

March 10

March 20

STEM & Fantasty/Imagination

April 15

April 24

STEM & Animal Allies

May 12

May 22

STEM & Maps/Paths

June 2

June 19

STEM & Special Places

July 14

July 24

STEM & Small Worlds

Aug 11

Aug 21

STEM & Hunting/Gathering

Sep 15

Sep 25

STEM & Inquiry for Sustainability