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Children are not alone in contracting illnesses: Infectious diseases are the most common health and safety risk for child care professionals.


Make sure you take the MANDATORY evaluation before January 6 to receive training hours!


Child care professionals can be a great promoter of immunizations, including the influenza vaccine. We want to prevent flu cases in facilities across the state.

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You must complete evaluations to receive credit for training you've taken. Here's how to do it and why it's so important.

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No caregiver ever wants an accident to happen. Here are some tips to help avoid some of the most common and critical injuries that can happen in an early care and education setting.

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Screening tools can offer families and early childhood professionals reassurance that a child’s development is on track – or signal that a child might need additional evaluation and support.


There are a number of things your program can do to limit the spread of head lice.


The simplest of activities can promote stimulation and growth as children explore their world.


We strongly advise against sharing RISE user logins and passwords. It's best to manage your own account.

Preschool teacher and student high-fiving over building with blocks.

"After several years as a preschool teacher, I became tired of saying 'No,' so I decided to create a Yes! environment."