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Our IdahoSTARS health consultant shares summer safety information for children, including water safety, sun protection, air quality considerations, playground safety, transportation (hot car safety), and hydration.

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Eligible child care programs receive a grant paid monthly to child care programs to temporarily increase the wages of eligible child care staff.

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Attention graduating high school seniors! NEW! 100% Tuition - Freshman Scholarship. Application Deadline: Extended to June 1st!

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Due to remaining budget this year, IdahoSTARS is extending the opportunity for eligible providers to apply for a training scholarship beyond the normal $200 annual limit.

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Las incertidumbres de la pandemia del COVID-19 han desafiado a los programas de la primera infancia y a las escuelas a transformar la manera en que se conectan con l@s niñ@s, les enseñan y les apoyan. L@s niñ@s experimentan estrés y a menudo pueden mostrar un comportamiento desafiante como resultado. Estas experiencias pandémicas sin precedentes pueden ser un factor que contribuya a ello.

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The uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic have challenged early childhood programs and schools to transform the ways that they connect with, teach, and support children and families. Children experience stress and can often exhibit challenging behavior as a result. Learn how to support child experiencing stress.

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El juego al aire libre es recomendado para l@s niñ@s. En general, a l@s niñ@s no se les tiene que enseñar a jugar, solo necesitan tener la oportunidad de jugar. ¿Cuáles son los beneficios de jugar al aire libre? Aquí hay algunos...

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Outdoor play is recommended for children. In general, children don’t have to be taught to play, they just need the opportunity to play.  What are the benefits of outdoor play? Here are a few...

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Reimbursement Grants are available for Idaho residents taking a single ECE class or pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education either full or part time at an accredited institution of higher education during the 2022-2023 academic year.

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The Idaho Pyramid Model Collaborative is taking applications now for this multi year initiative! All participants enrolled in the Steps to Quality program (steps 1 through 5) are eligible. Applications are open January 29th - March 15th.