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IdahoSTARS conducts an annual analysis of the child care workforce in the state. Our research is presented in the Statewide and Regional Workforce Reports, which provide detailed information about the demographics of Idaho's child care workforce, including race, ethnicity, gender, education, pay rate, childcare experience, education, and type of employment. We also highlight the factors that affect the child care workforce and programs, which is important information for families, businesses, and Idaho's economy.

Take some time to view the 2024 Workforce Reports below and share with others:

2023 Statewide Workforce Report

2023 Statewide Workforce Report - In Spanish

Our previous reports have covered topics such as the impact of supplemental grants on programs, the challenges faced by child care programs, and issues that contribute to the high turnover rates in the child care workforce. To access our past and regional Workforce Reports, please visit and look under Publications.

If you have ideas about the information we could provide for future workforce reports, don't hesitate to get in touch with