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Higher Education Grants are available from the IdahoSTARS project for Spring 2022
semester. Grants are available to any student living or attending school in Idaho
taking a single class or pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education either full or
part time at an accredited institution of higher education.

Grants are distributed in the Spring semester and are disbursed directly to the
college/university. Proof of attendance and registration in an Early Childhood related
degree program or classes is required.

Full time Student Grants:  These cover a minimum of 12 credits/semester undergrad (9 credits/semester graduate degrees).

  • $2,750 for individuals attending a 2-year school or community college. 
  • $5,000 for individuals attending a 4-year university.

Part time Student Grants:  These cover a minimum of 6 credits/semester undergrad (5 credits/semester graduate degrees).

  • $2,000 for individuals attending a 2-year school or community college.
  • $3,500 for individuals attending a 4-year university. 

Single Course Grants:    (Open to anyone, selection preference follows the same logic as Full and Part-time Higher Ed Grants)

  • These cover the actual cost of  a single Early Childhood Education course

Full and Part time grants include a $1,000 stipend* which can be applied toward additional credits, books, fees, course materials, living expenses, etc. (reflected in the totals above)

*Graduate students will need to apply all or part of the additional stipend toward the higher cost of graduate tuition and fees. Remaining funds not used for tuition/fees will be distributed to you directly by your university.

Preference will be given to applicants: (in this order)

  • earning their next level credential/degree with the credits earned from this scholarship (i.e. moving from CDA to Associate Degree, Associate to Bachelor Degree, etc.)
  • working directly with children in a center based or home based child care facility
  • working, volunteering, or interning in any early care and education setting (does not have to be directly with children)
  • pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education (no working requirement)
APPLY VIA GOOGLE FORM HERE:        (log into your google account first)

UPDATED Spring Deadline: December 1, 2021 



Questions about these grants, and their associated eligibility, policies and procedures can be emailed to