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Full time Student Grants:  (12 credits/semester undergrad, 10 credits per semester graduate degrees)

  • $5,500 for individuals attending a 2-year school or community college. 
  • $10,000 for individuals attending a 4-year university.

Part time Student Grants:  (6 credits/semester undergrad, 5 credits/semester graduate degrees)

  • $4,000 for individuals attending a 2-year school or community college.
  • $7,000 for individuals attending a 4-year university. 

Single Course Grants:    (Open to anyone, selection preference follows the same logic as Full and Part-time Higher Ed Grants)

  • This covers the actual cost of 1 Early Childhood Education course (other courses will be considered for those working in the field if applicant submits a justification statement) 

Full and Part time grants include a $2,000 annual stipend to be used toward additional credits, books, fees, course materials, living expenses, etc. Full and Part time grants as well as the stipend are distributed 1/2 in the Fall and 1/2 in the Spring. This amount is included in the figures above.

These grants are open to anyone pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. Idaho college/university applicants will receive preference unless the student is attending outside of Idaho due to coursework being offered in the student's primary language (other than English).

Preference will be given to applicants: (in this order)

  • earning their next level credential/degree with the credits earned from this scholarship (i.e. moving from CDA to Associate Degree, Associate to Bachelor Degree, etc.)
  • working directly with children in a center based or home based child care facility
  • working, volunteering, or interning in any early care and education setting (does not have to be directly with children)
  • pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education (no working requirement)

Fall Deadline: August 1, 2021

Spring Deadline: January 1, 2022

Summer Deadline (Single Course Scholarships Only): May 1, 2022

Questions about these grants, and their associated eligibility, policies and procedures can be emailed to

Additional Home Provider Stipend Grant:

Receive a $2,000 living expense stipend to be used to apply toward the cost of college credits/tuition, books, course fees, educational equipment, and/or living expenses incurred while working and attending school. $1,000 is dispersed directly to the recipient (not school) at the beginning of each semester.

This grant application is ONLY for state or city licensed home-based child care providers (includes Family, Group, and Relative Provider designations) who are currently providing child care in a home-based facility in the state of Idaho at least 15 hours per week AND pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education at an accredited college/university at least part-time (minimum of 6 credits per semester).